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The Interactive Syllabus aims to increase learner interaction using the videos from the Full Syllabus.


It implements quizzes with answers between each short video segment of the Full Syllabus, and also inserts fundamental questioning within the videos themselves! We hope that this will encourage learners to actively think and solve problems when undergoing our tutorials, just like they would in a real-life classroom.

Learners are encouraged to follow the order of learning from top to bottom.

'Tutorials' are our Full Syllabus videos that have had interactive questions embedded into appropriate parts. These are produced by our teachers, and are hosted by Playposit. The correct answer is revealed after each question.

'Quizzes' are meant to be attempted after the matching tutorial has been completed. These comprise of some questions that range from the simple to the moderately difficult. These are developed by our teachers using Google Forms. After completing the quiz, submit it, and the quiz is automatically graded. Click on "View your score", and you can see your performance in each individual test question, and relevant feedback regarding your choice.

The Interactive Syllabus is currently under construction, but we will put up individual parts and chapters as we complete them.


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